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Since 2013, Janala dot net is providing freelancing services on digital platform. Now the efficient and experienced team is taking care of our clients demand and needs on their notations. Our motto is to provide the required service and complete our work before time limit. Objectives: 1. Bringing out of most effective result 2. Ideological and target …


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Why Janala Dot Net?

Janala is a digital marketing platform where you can avail the best deal for your online business and digital marketing. Though there are plenty of digital marketers now and they are doing different works, Janala is a unique one to do the right and effective online marketing. 1. Unique idea team 2. Dependable and updated …

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A M Hasan Nasim

A M Hasan Nasim is Proportionally digital marketer. He is expert on Graphics Design, Video Content Making, Logo Design, SEO, Internet/Online Marketing & Website Consistency. A M Hasan Nasim 6 years experience of digital content and internet Marketing.

Rezaur Rahman Sumon Motion graphics expert

Rezaur Rahman Sumon

Rezaur Rahman Sumon is a Motion graphics expert. His field is Sound editing, Motion graphics, Video Editing and Digital video content making. Last 4 years he work this related field and he now a sound engineer at renown TV channel in Bangladesh.