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Reniwn.com One payment unlimited web hosting

Reniwn.com UNLIMITED Websites with free LIFETIME Hosting

Reniwn offered unlimited web hosting for a lifetime for just one payment. We saw the promotion on Facebook about Reniwn.com unlimited hosting, we felt very interested. Searched for the package, and it was good to see the hosting package. All in all, I was thinking of buying the agency hosting package. That’s when I thought that I have confused and did not know them from the support center.

Then I sent some questions to their support chat, and then I presented them to you as they answered me –

Can I have access to this panel, the cPanel?

Reniwn: You will have access to your own domain hosting cPanel, but for hosting, unfortunately not.

Can I use my own domain email address?

Reniwn: Yes, but since we do not sell domains or emails, this will be done independently of us.

Can I use other CMS, like Drupal, and WordPress, in this panel?

Reniwn: Unfortunately, we can not connect with external DB or CMS for now

Do you provide name server access if the domain is on another platform, or do I have to transfer the domain to you?

Reniwn: The domain can stay wherever you want, we just need A record and a CNAME record to point to us and you can do that by inputting our records in your domain DNS

How many visitors can be in line at once?

Reniwn: Up to a million on the Agency plan. This is unlimited web hosting for unlimited websites.

After the agency payment, what else can be paid to work?

Reniwn: Unlimited SSL Certificates for a one-time payment of $199, but it’s optional

Could there be another CMS here next?

Reniwn: I am not sure, all the data can be inserted manually but there is not a CMS available right now to edit multiple settings at once, does that help?

What is the core programming of your CMS?

Reniwn: I believe, it’s Python

E-commerce multi-vendor site can be made in your system?

Reniwn: Yes, but only one administrator can log in and make changes to a site.

Can I set the Payment API in my country (Bangladesh) here?

Reniwn: Not API, but payment links. Yes

Do templates need to be purchased outside of this agency payment?

Reniwn: No, they’re included

If I want to make a custom website like mine, is there a custom emulator or another way?

Reniwn: You can code custom body blocks

If you want unlimited web hosting, you can take it from this platform, your own choice. But here’s my advice, it’s better to get all-purpose hosting.

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