best ten IT firm in Bangladesh

Top ten IT company in Bangladesh

In the context of Bangladesh, the business of information technology (IT) started long ago, no one can say the exact date. However, since 2000, the business in this field has been growing day by day and accordingly, Bangladesh has also witnessed various innovations. Today, in just 10 years of the twentieth century, the contribution of Bangladesh in this field of IT is very big, which is not even the case of different big countries. 

Witnessing this outstanding contribution, Janala Dot Net published this article mentioning that the IT companies are in the top 10.

After reading the article, I know who is on the list of the top ten IT companies in Bangladesh for some reason.

TigerIT Bangladesh LTD

TigerIT Bangladesh LTD has 10 years of experience working in software development. It is one of the best software companies around Bangladesh for making an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). In 2008, for the Bangladesh general election, Tiger creates a complete software of national ID and voter registration project. There is 20,000 personnel, 500id management servers maintained by Tiger.

Datasoft Systems Bangladesh Limited

Data Soft is known as the first CMMI Level 5 software development company in Bangladesh. In both the corporate and public sectors, Data Soft provided innovative and cost-effective technical services for customers. In design and construction projects, it has contributed significantly to the digitization of Bangladesh.

Magnito Digital Limited

Magneto Digital is the largest digital agency in Bangladesh consisting of 70+ people. Magneto Digital has to deal with the largest customers in Bangladesh and solve the problem by combining creative strategies with data and technology. Magneto Digital becomes ‘Campaign Asia-Pacific’ in the ‘Rest of South Asia’ category. They believe that they will drive the sustainable development of technology and innovation.

Leadsoft Bangladesh Limited

Lead Soft is a leading software development company, offering custom software development, software products, offshore software development, professional outsourcing and software consultancy. Lead Soft is a leading software development company, offering custom software development, software products, offshore software development, professional outsourcing and software consultancy. Covering ISV and SME banking sector, non-banking financial, life insurance, pharmaceuticals. Founded in 1999, Leadsoft Bangladesh Limited is distributing software products and services to approximately 100 customers across 500+ sites in Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark and Norway. Leadstoft receives the prestigious CMMI Level 3 accreditation. Our dedication to quality has inspired us to achieve CMMI Level 5.. We believe that this achievement indicates that our organization has also reached a high level. Leadsoft is also an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

Southtech Group

SouthTech Group is one of the largest companies to be Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, ISO 9001 certified and the first CMMI Level 3 software company in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 1996. In 2011, South-Tech Limited received the International Arch of Europe Award for Quality and Technology in the Gold category. The young professional team honored the runner up in the ‘Professional Code Warrior Challenge’.

Leadsoft Bangladesh Limited

Leadsoft is a software development company founded in 1999.
The company’s mission is to realize the customer’s business and delivery results through its experience. The mission of the company is to fulfill the customer’s requirement and thus the customer’s dream website and software is done right.

Brain Station 23

Brain Station 23 is the largest software and IT company limited which started the journey in 2006. It provides software products to both global and local markets. The sector nowadays extends to some countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, UK, USA, Israel.

Kaj Soft Limited established in 2004. It is one of the leading custom software companies in Bangladesh for making simple software. Professional designers, engineers and materials experts involved in this company. Kazoft has multiple industries and serves international customers by providing software development and content management services.

REVE Systems

REVE Systems began its journey in 2003 to serve the IP-based communications industry. Nowadays, REVE Systems leads mobile VoIP, SIP soft-switch, VoIP billing, bandwidth optimization, Web-RTC, enterprise communication, e-governance and mobile OTT. They try to provide 24 × 7 platinum level by their experienced and well-trained engineers so that they can support their customers and ensure that their services are available to their customers. REVE Systems has received several awards including the 2012 NGN Leadership Award and the 2011 Unified Communication Excellence Award.

Kaz Software – Bangladesh

Kaz Software – Bangladesh is a group of designers, engineers and content experts who are passionate about Kaz. Kaj is one of the leading custom software companies in Bangladesh for software development outsourcing. Kaz Software – Bangladesh provides software development and content management services to international customers in many industries. Kaz understands the challenges that our customers face within and across these industries. The service provides practical, practical and powerful solutions to address those challenges. The only goal is to get great software to the users that drives us. Our mix of skills and talent means that Kaz has everything to accomplish that goal in one place. Design, development, testing, deployment, content and anything between clearly defined roles.

IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Ltd.

IBCS-PRIMAX Software (Bangladesh) Limited is a CMMI level – 3 and ISO 9001: 2000 certified inaugurated in 1989 The company is primarily an Oracle Software Development and Systems Integration House providing comprehensive enterprise solutions to meet the reality of the company’s complex and dynamic business environment. As a pioneer in Software Development and System Integration (SI), IBCS-PRiMAX is an established leader in the field of information technology and has distinguished himself as a distinguished person. Enable system, service and total solution provider Meeting the IT needs of our valued customers; Operations in several business verticals: Telecommunications, banks and insurance companies for multi-national corporations, non-governmental organizations (non-governmental organizations), government departments, public and private sector enterprises. IBCS-PRiMAX is meeting the dynamic information needs of the most demanding organizations with its IT expertise, software and hardware solution. As a CMMI – Level – 3 certified company, IBCS-PRIMAX has adopted international standards and best practice quality assurance capabilities in relation to software development life cycle delivery and to expand the delivery of quality software products.

With over 90 full-time IT personnel and offices in the UK (registered as IBCS-PRIMAX Software Limited), Dhaka and Chittagong and 8 (eight) countries around the world, to offer professional IT solutions to IBCS-PRiMAX Better placed. Enterprise.

Janala Dot Net

Janla Dot Net is a name for commitment in digital marketing and related fields. It is a fully professional digital marketing firm, where you can find the best quality of your production as well as creative works. Janala Dot Net ensures the maximum level of efficiency to bring a useful result. We do not compromise on the quality of production and can go to any level to bring the right result. It has a work-oriented self-motivated and hardworking crew. We never compromised with the gadget and made enough updates on time demands. A multi-layered professional gear and the best use of them will attract you.

Janala Dot Net means Bangladeshi digital marketing firm. This is the best quality work for your company. A hard-working and dedicated working panel is always ready to represent mind-blowing production. Working in various international markets, Janala Dot Net has gained extensive experience knowing all the subsidiaries involved in our group. This synergy of capability provides additional value and excellent quality products to our customers.

Developing countries like India, China, Japan, Malaysia, etc. have created opportunities presented by the digital age and can catch up with countries that are technologically advanced. These countries have invested heavily in order to achieve considerable gains in high incomes and drive growth in the IT sector.
For example, the rapid IT sector in Malaysia is fully supported by the government, with a total of 800 new IT companies creating 98000 jobs and more than 200 foreign companies setting up their regional centers in Malaysia, with billions of dollars. Like huge amounts of dollars have come. In investment and creation of new employment sector. In India, foreign investment helps to grow the IT sector, and its GDP increases significantly. Nowadays the outsourcing sector has a market of over 500 billion dollars worldwide. India’s share is $ 140 billion and Bangladesh’s $ 700 million.
Bangladesh may also consider the following strategy to fulfill the slogan of ‘Digital Bangladesh’ and this will accelerate the growth of the IT sector. If the government injects large investments like the US $ 2 billion in 5 years, this sector will expand rapidly and a new employment sector will be created which will help in the development of the nation and the GDP at large.
The government should help entrepreneurs to provide funds, business development and marketing support to IT companies in Bangladesh. Thus two main positive results will be achieved which will push Bangladesh towards its digitalization goal. First, high paid jobs in the IT sector and second expansion of new IT companies. The expansion of new IT companies will generate a large flow of foreign exchange through FDI.

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